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Course Descriptions
Course Descriptions

Russian I, Pre-AP Spanish I, Pre-AP French I, Pre-AP German I
1 unit             2 semesters

The beginning level course in each language presents basic linguistic concepts and communicative strategies that are necessary for meaningful communication at a very basic level.  Listening and speaking skills for every day situations are stressed.  The development of reading and writing skills is introduced, as well as the study of the formal structure of language.  Authentic material is presented in a variety of ways to help students place communication within a cultural context.  Most of the initial learning in Russian is oral because of the need to learn the Cyrillic alphabet.  Transition into writing and reading is therefore slower than in Spanish, French or German

Pre-AP Latin I
1 unit              2 semesters

Latin I is an introduction to the pronunciation, accidence, syntax, and vocabulary of the Latin language, with extensive practice in grammatical forms and translation of simple sentences. Assigned readings in;Roman mythology and Roman life are integrated into the year-long curriculum.

Greek I
1 unit              2 semesters

Greek I is an introduction to the alphabet, pronunciation, morphology, syntax, and vocabulary of the Ancient Greek language.  Practice in grammatical forms and translation of simple narratives.  There will be assigned readings in the history of Ancient Greece. 

Spanish for Native Speakers I,  II
1 unit             2 semesters

This course is offered for those students who speak Spanish at home (heritage speakers) who would like to become fully literate in Spanish.  Students will develop expertise in Hispanic culture and improve literacy in standard Spanish. The emphasis on reading and writing will allow students to compete successfully at the college level and communicate professionally in the business world. Students may undertake a second year of this course, or may be recommended for AP Spanish IV.

Russian II, Ancient Greek II, Pre-AP Spanish II, Pre-AP French II & Pre-AP German II
1 unit              2 semesters

The linguistic concepts, communicative strategies, and language structures that were introduced in level one are built upon and extended through new vocabulary and more complex grammatical structures.  Students begin to be more flexible in combining what they have learned and thus can be more personal in their communication.  They read authentic children’s literature in Spanish and French and contrived readings in Russian.  Russian structures are more complex initially than Spanish and French and so authentic Russian literature is introduced slowly. Cultural understanding in all language classes is stressed through encouraging student curiosity, stimulating their analysis of similarities and differences, and helping them learn to hypothesize. 

Pre-AP Latin II
1 unit              2 semesters

Latin II is the continued study of the accidence, syntax, and vocabulary of the Latin language.  Further practice in grammatical forms is extensive. The translation of complex sentences and a variety of literary passages are required as well as assigned readings in Roman and Greek history. 

Russian III, Pre-AP Spanish III, & Pre-AP French III, 
1 unit              2 semesters

The third level courses continue to reach for the 5 goals of the national standards for foreign language learning – communication, culture, connections, comparisons and communities.  Themes from levels 1 and 2 are revisited but in greater depth as students expand their vocabulary, grammar and cultural understanding.  Most basic grammatical concepts have been introduced by the end of level 3.  Reading authentic materials continues as do role-plays and oral presentations.  Essay-writing skills are stressed.

Pre-AP Latin III
1 unit              2 semesters

The Latin III course is a comprehensive review of Latin grammar.  Translations are completed of select Roman poets.  Representative authors include Plautus, Terence, Lucretius, Catullus, Horace, Ovid, and Juvenal.  Assigned readings in Roman literature are also included.

AP French Language (IV), AP Spanish Language (IV), German (IV), & AP Latin Language (IV)
1 unit              2 semesters

The A.P. Language course is taught as basically equivalent to a 4th or 5th semester college language course. All instruction and class participation is strictly in the target language.  Students use college textbooks to hone all of their writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. Some new grammar points are learned and all grammar is reviewed extensively. Vocabulary acquisition is stressed and with that vocabulary we discuss contemporary issues in French-speaking, Spanish-speaking and German-speaking cultures and countries and compare them to those issues in the United States. Students write essays to practice for the A.P. exam, and do practice recordings to prepare them for the speaking section of the exam.  

Russian IV, Ancient Greek IV
1 unit              2 semesters

The fourth level of Russian and Ancient Greek continues to build on skills and themes studied in the first three levels.  More complex grammar is introduced which allows students to use more sophisticated structures in their writing.  Role plays continue to be part of the curriculum.  Authentic children’s literature is used to promote reading skills in Russian. Portions of Homer's Illiad and Odyssey ‚Äčas well as a comedy of Aristophanes will be read in Ancient Greek.

AP Latin IV
1 unit              2 semesters

Students in AP Latin IV will read selections from Virgil’s 
Aeneid as chosen by the College Board. Students will be expected to produce translations of these passages, metrically scan them, and engage in literary analysis on both their substance and style.  Students will also consolidate their knowledge of Latin grammar and syntax through guided composition exercises.

French V & Spanish V
1 unit              2 semesters

French V and Spanish V continue the work of the college-level French IV and Spanish IV classes, using college textbooks and increasing their reading of works in the target language and analysis of those works. While not specifically designed to be AP Literature courses, students may choose to supplement classroom work with intensive outside work in preparation for taking the AP Literature exam in the spring.

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